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                                                    Supporting remote reiki & quantum healing sessions!

You are exactly where you are


meant to be! 


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Reiki Healing
Reiki & Quantum
combo - Remote Session
$111  1 session
Quantum healing - remote rife frequencies
$85  1 session

An immersive healing experience with Crystal Therapy + BioMat Rife frequency. Each session 45 min.

Back Massage

Reiki  All Levels - Virtual Classes!

LEVEL 1(OCT 14+15) I LEVEL 2(OCT 28) I LEVEL 3A (Dec 9)

  For syllabus + registration details + pricing, contact April directly. Limited seating/ availability

Update: Registration is now open ! Contact April for syllabus & to get registered. Non-refundable deposit due on registration to ensure your spot is secured.Virtual classes are not recorded - all attunements are done remotely via live transmission with RMT, April. 

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