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Reiki. Yoga. Meditation. Quantum Musings.

10.01.15  Launch










So, I'm very excited to be sharing this first launch with you all... it's been a long few months getting prepared for site & store launch.  We're also in the middle of a retrograde, but since this was all prepared and idealized before then, I feel confidant about releasing my creations into the wild! :) 


One quick note about something really special to me.  What makes my first round of merchandise so super special is that anything sold on my site during October is Lunar charged with the passing of the recent Bloodmoon/Supermoon Eclipse. Incase you missed it, don't worry, there will be another one... in 2033. 


Yes... so , very special , indeed.  I had my entire gem collection and jewelry line out basking on the roof (how cute) and they were soaking up all the glorious energy. 


On the 28th we not only had a Harvest Moon, Super Moon and a Blood Moon, but also an Eclipse , which was part of a series of four that began back in 2014. Throughout history every four (aka tetrad) of Blood Moon Eclipses have often signified powerful changes, ending and beginnings.  Even though Lunar Eclipses are not uncommon, having a series of four Blood Moons is very rare and something that has not happened since 1967!!


To make sense of all of this, energetically, this final eclipse of the Blood Moon Eclipses has opened new doorways are going to give rise to a new way of being- a new higher , and more evolved consciousness.

In order to reach this stage, the old, the outdated, and parts of the ego need to be shed.  Some will fight this urge and others will embrace it, giving rise to the disparity and the push/pull that may be felt on Earth.


It is up to us how we want this rise in consciousness to change our world. Either we can flow with the changes or fight them...they will still happen!  Such is the beauty of life. During this time, there is also a heightened sensitivity and a greater understanding of spirituality and metaphysics. Think of this past Eclipse as a gateway into a new world where we will all have a deeper understanding of humanity, of our reason for being.


There are believers that claim our solar system is moving into a new area of space and time and that through this shift, we will all be experiencing and opening to new energies and realities. Just ask my clairvoyant (she agrees, lol).  It is SUCH an interesting and exciting time to be alive! This shift is extremely powerful and will give rise to a new way of being and thinking for humanity as a whole. You have probably already started to feel and see these changes in your own life. Perhaps you have even begun to change your behaviors or attitudes to things. Maybe  you are now also realizing that there are aspects in your way of being that no longer serve you. It's time to let those fall away so you can embrace higher consciousness! 


The message for everyone, I believe,  is to dive head first into these changes by letting the shift happen.  Be proud and assertive over what you want, releasing attachments to the ego mind and body.  I've personally made this a really big touchstone in my meditation this year, and plan on keeping it as an achor moving into 2016. 


Go within to your soul and nurture the tiny flame within, allow it to guide you, allow it to show you the way.  Get used to having conversations with your Higher Self.  You know the way - you have all along! 


Part of this huge shift in consciousness is also about stepping back & surrendering.  It's about opening your heart to the Universe and feeling the deeper connections that surround us all.  These shifts are really about you and aligning yourself on your path.


In order to embrace these new energies,  here are some suggestions for all the Moonbabes:


Open your heart This Eclipse is really about learning how to open your heart and to move into a place where you can be free to receive and give love. Opening your heart to this energy is also going to allow you to really receive the new vibrations, frequencies and downloads that are going to be available. All of us are going to come into more intuitive and psychic knowing about our lives as long as our heart is open and free.  I practice heart openers daily along with my reiki tummo practice, and once you start connecting, the practice only gets stronger within you and easier to access 'on demand'.


Protect With all the energy circling, it is now very important for us all to protect our mind and body from any fear based thoughts that surface. This includes adding to the fear about the events that are expected to happen. Be open minded and welcome changes,  while still protecting your own energy from the chaos and attitudes of those around you.  Grounding ceremonies help in this, and I always end my reiki practice on any client with a solid Grounding to aid in this.


Recharge The energies in recent weeks have been heavy (especially with the Retrograde), so definitely take the time to assess your situation and honor where you are at energetically. If you are feeling stuck, that's okay! That is exactly where you need to be. Don't force anything. Embrace it and allow yourself to sit and gently ride the waves. Sometimes you are the ocean, and sometimes you are the wave! 


Heal - If there is something that has been nagging at you or something that you have beenholding onto in your aura, now is the time to get real with yourself and be truthful about what you really want to carry with you into this new threshold. This is also a time for lightworkers, empaths and energy specialists to step into their gifts. Feel the Reiki calling?  Talk to me about attunement! 


This final of four Blood Moons is really an amazing opportunity for everyone to start anew.  As the year draws to a close, you will be given more insights on how to proceed on your new chapter.  The answers are within you!



09.30.15  :  Chakra Balancing 


Did you know I can add-on Chakra Balancing to any treatment, when you book me out for Reiki! It doesn't take much longer - maybe 15 minutes or so, and the effects can really help set the stage for balancing while the reiki energy continues to purify and work on your system for the rest of the week!


To explain a little more in-depth, each chakra is associated with different body parts, emotions and life areas. By balancing each chakra, you will be sending energy and help to any issues or problems you have. Here are some of the samples of associations for your quick reference: 


  • Root Chakra - Survival, Security, Energy, Trust, Power to achieve.                                                                                 Part of body - Skeleton, Legs, Bones, Spine, Large intestine


  • Sacral Chakra - Feelings, Self-awareness, Self-love, Creativity.                                                                                     Part of body - Kidneys, Bladder, Sexual organs, Reproductive system


  • Solar Plexus Chakra - Personality, Self-respect, Self-confidence.                                                                                 Part of body - Digestive system, Small intestine, Skin, Nervous system


  • Heart Chakra- Love, Compassion, Sharing, Forgiveness.                                                                                               Part of body - Heart, Chest, Lungs, Arms, Hands, Circulation


  • Throat Chakra - Creative self-expression, Communication, Inspiration.                                                                           Part of body - Throat, Neck, Nose, Mouth, Teeth


  • Third Eye Chakra - Intuition, Understanding, Insight, Realization.                                                                               Part of body - Eyes, Ears, Base of skull, Nervous system


  • Crown Chakra - knowing, wholeness, perfection, enlightenment, unity.                                                                     Part of body - Upper skull, Skin


There are different methods of balancing the chakras.  Some people use crystals, as the energy vibrations of colors aids in balancing.  Each rock has it's own unique frequency so pairing the appropriate stone with the corresponding chakra is important. Essential oils can be used in accompanyment for their healing vibrations.  Visualization is powerful, as thought is energy.   Affirmations made while chakra balancing create positive feelings.  I use a variation of these methods, depending on the individual, and incorporate most of these techniques in with my reiki healing!


Mention you'd also like a chakra balancing on sign-up so that we may schedule the extra time. Some spas in Beverly Hills charge up to $200 for this, while mine is an extra $30 onto any reiki healing session. 


Namaste Balanced Babes! 



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